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Is An Intensive Outpatient Program in Lake Worth Right For You?

Intensive-outpatient (IOP) programs are viable alternatives to inpatient treatment. People seek IOP as opposed to inpatient treatment for a variety of reasons (e.g. work, family, finances, et.). This level of care meets three to five times a week for three to five hours. The sessions include individualized counseling, group therapy, and addiction education.

There are a variety of factors that you should consider before determining if an IOP program in Lake Worth, Florida is right for you:


Most intensive-outpatient programs hold day and evening sessions to accommodate the schedules of prospective clients. If you work and go to school, scheduling IOP can be more difficult. Keep in mind that IOP meets three to five times a week for three hours when planning your schedule.

Progression of Your Addiction

IOP can be viable if you are in the early stages of your addiction. The earlier that you treat your addiction, the easier it will be to recover. If you are in the early stages, IOP may be intensive enough. If you are in the later stages, you may require partial-hospitalization or inpatient treatment.

Relapse Triggers

The major downfall of IOP is having to be in the outside world where relapse is possible. You will need to have the strength to resist drugs and alcohol during your early recovery and combat relapse triggers that are presented in the outside world. Most IOP programs perform drug tests on their clients before each session. However, if you relapse, you can simply not go back to IOP or be expelled from the program. If you have trouble with resistance, IOP may not be right for you.

When IOP is Most Effective

IOP is most effective following a more intensive form of treatment for ongoing support. IOP does not provide the same structure and rigor as inpatient treatment or partial-hospitalization. Recovery should be your primary focus in your early days of sobriety, and the challenges of the outside world can easily distract you.

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