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Myths About Rehab Centers in South Florida

The beautiful weather, sprawling economy, and decades of experience have contributed to Florida treatment centers being the go-to destination for recovery in the United States. Though the facilities there are highly-reputable and all walks of life go to them, many myths have started being formulated about them. Popular culture, the media, and the general population have contributed to these myths being circulated. 

Common myths about rehab centers in South Florida include:

They are a Providence of the Rich and Fully-Insured

While wealthy and fully-insured people may have an easier time paying for a treatment stay, anyone can attend if they seek the proper assistance. Almost all health insurance plans cover at least a percentage of addiction treatment. Rehab centers do not always expect payments in full; they offer payment plans. Treatment centers and recovery organizations also sometimes offer treatment scholarships.

The Spa Treatments and Activities Do Not Necessarily Relate to Recovering from Addiction

Many people do not understand the intention of the spa treatments and recreational activities (e.g. horses, nature exploration, art, etc.) that are offered by South Florida rehabs. Every amenity that is offered by a facility is for therapeutic purposes. Effective addiction treatment is much more about talk therapy and meetings. Spa treatment and recreational activities treat addiction holistically by addressing the physiological, psychosocial, and spiritual maladies of addiction.

Thirty Days is Sufficient

Thirty days of treatment is only the minimum. Research has shown that 90 or more days of treatment produces the highest success rates. Most health insurance plans only cover 30 days because that is the length of time to completely detoxify the body. Arrangements can be made to pay for more time in treatment.

Start the Genesis of Your Recovery in Florida

Genesis House is located in Lake Worth, Florida. We are a Joint Commission Accredited Facility, which means that we meet the highest standards in safety and client care. Residential treatment, detox, Christian Rehab, specialized rehab for uniformed officers, programs in Spanish, family programs, and dual diagnosis services are offered. We have over 25 years in helping individuals start their genesis in recovery. Most major insurance plans are accepted.

If you are interested in Genesis House, call us today at 844-903-2111